Angelica Nanda Schäfer

”It's all about finding the freedom within.”


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Upcoming Retreats & Festivals

Spring Online Yoga Festival Shambala Gatherings
27-28 February 2021
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Ängsbacka Yoga & Dance Easter Retreat & Online festival
2-5 April 2021
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Freemove Yoga Retreat Sweden Shambala Gatherings,
17 – 19 September 2021

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Freemove Yoga

Dance your yoga from inner stillness to exploratory movement and let your movement be your liberation and meditation!

The Freemove Yoga concept is a delicate mix of conscious movement, organic yoga, dynamic meditations, yoga- and dance therapy. It is based on the idea that your body knows exactly what it needs and what is best for it if you are given the chance to listen, feel and explore in a safe and secure context.

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Move with me

Freemove Yoga. Organic Hatha Yoga. Pilates & Core.
Osho Active Meditations. Mindfulness.
Ecstatic Dance. Embodiement. Movement.

Stability. Flexibility. Energy. Stillness.

Instead of talking about "style" in Yoga I prefer to talk about "effect"; what do you need and search for?

My base is in the traditional Hatha Yoga but over the years I've moved more and more into an organic way of exploration.

I work from a holistic perspective which means our yoga and movement is for creating balance and freedom in our body and mind. Sometimes that means to align. Sometimes to let go.

"It's all about finding the freedom within"

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The feeling of unity, focus, presence and balance.

I offer immerse workshops in different styles of Yoga, Freemove Yoga, Embodiement, Pilates, Active Meditations, Dance, Ayurveda and Massage.

Yoga means union and in all my workshops I do my outmost for you achieving the feeling of unity, focus, presence and balance.

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Angelica generously shares her knowledge, her warmth and her safe beautiful energy. She is a great masseur, inspirator, teacher and organizer. Reliable, wise and simply lovely to be close.


A new start in life

For many people a retreat is the start of something new in life. In a few days we get the chance to meet ourselves in new ways using yoga, movement, meditations and other tools to deepen our understanding and to expand.

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Yoga with Angelica is like a trip, no yoga class is the other like. It’s wonderful to be in her space because she spreads light, joy, energy and knowledge where she is. It’s greatly inspiring!

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