For companies


The key to a harmonious workplace.

In our western society many stress both in their work and in their private life and that in turn influences both the efficiency and the harmony of the workplace. By acquiring knowledge from eastern traditions we get a way out of stress without having to leave our
lives and that is probably one of the reasons why yoga has become so popular among Sweden’s and western companies.

team member

Tailored to the needs of your staff

Care for the employees is the key to a harmonious workplace and the positive effects of yoga are swiftly apperant. The community and cohesion are strengthened while enhancing the health and well-being of the individual. Your employees can soon experience increased concentration, more strength and agility, increased balance, better sleep, a calmer mind and a more focused mind. Yoga classes are tailored to the needs of your staff. Everyone can participate according to their own circumstances.

For companies the yoga method Embodied Yoga Principles, EYP, is very good and it can be used separately or as part of a larger team building work, coaching work and processing at the workplace. EYP is about moving the yoga from the mat into everyday life. The purpose is to raise awareness of our patterns and behaviors, to ourselves and to others, and then to choose whether we want to remain or change. At workplaces we often have given roles and EYP gives us the keys to increase understanding of how we act and interact. EYP has a mindfulness based approach inspired by yoga, life coaching, body therapy and martial arts and provides a whole new dimension to your personal development. I am one of only two certified EYP teachers in Sweden! Read more about Embodied Yoga Principles at

I offer tailored lectures and workshops to the needs of your staff. For suggestions to be based on read more under workshops and lectures.

Some of the companies and organizations I have worked with:

Nordea Bank headquarters Eskilstuna
Transport Administration Eskilstuna
Gina Tricot Eskilstuna
John Bauer High School Eskilstuna
Technical Office Västerås City
Vafab Västerås
Central Hospital Västerås
Schenker Västerås
Pre-school Ekot Hallstahammar
Female Network in SBR (Swedish Car Recovering Association)
Eskilstuna fibromyalgia compound


Pre-school Ekot Linda Stenberg

"We at pre-school Ekot invited Angelica on a conference day for all our staff and she shared a great outdoor yoga with us. It was fun and relaxing but also many feelings who came to the surface among the participants and it became a “wow experience” for many."

Transport Administration Elin Säfström

"In an engaging and playful way Angelica got us all, experienced as well as rookies, to get our max out of every workout. With her broad skills she adapted the classes and challenged us to move and create joy. We were guided through the classes with exercises that could be done both at home and in the gym to strengthen our office bodies."

Female Network SBR Anna Daag

"Stepping into a conference room filled with strong skeptic women in a network where many have a strong resistance to all kinds of movement and so professionally guide and convince that movement and body awareness is an important part in feeling good in body and soul: it is a great strength."

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