Lectures & Inspiration

Lectures & Inspiration

Lectures that give greater perspective.

Over the years I have had the privilege of sharing inspirational lectures and workshops for companies, groups and associations in exercise, lifestyle and personal development. With Eastern philosophy hand in hand with Western science I hold lectures that give greater perspective on life and concrete tips on how to start a change for both you as a private and as part of a group, workplace, organization or association. Feel free to ask for other orientations!

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HOLISTIC LIFESTYLE "Balance between activity and rest, between giving and receiving"

What does the concept of holistic lifestyle mean and how does our lifestyle affect our perception of existence? What is important to you, what do you want life to give you? How can you achieve more harmony and make the right decisions in both work and private life?

This lecture is about how you can create a balance between activity and rest, between giving and receiving.

MOVEMENT & MOTIVATION “My body is my temple for my immortal soul”

A lecture about seeing the body as more than just a body and thus stimulating better care of it. Physical activity is a prerequisite for well being and without activation of muscles and heart we simply do not feel well.

This lecture gives greater inspiration to moving our bodies and that we in the movement also get a chance to adjust the mind. The lecture weaves both Western education and Eastern philosophy as tools and simplifies the concepts so that everyone can feel inspiration.


A lecture that provides concrete examples of how we can increase our focus and attendance and also increase our efficiency and well being. Unstructured thoughts that irrigate take enormous amounts of energy and drain on vitality and determination.

In this lecture I’ll give you simple smart exercises, “a toolbox”, that gives increased focus as well as more awake rest, ie you will experience less stress and more satisfaction in the present.

AYURVEDA “Knowledge of life”

Ayurveda means “knowledge of life” and is a multi-thousand-year science with roots in India. Ayurveda treats all aspects of life even though its ideas about food as medicine have been most noticed here in the west. Ayurveda is a holistic doctrine and sees humanity as part of a larger whole, how we, as humans, can live in harmony with natures elements. In Ayurveda we mean that when we are in imbalance it depends on the imbalance of our elements. It is a teaching that makes many parts fall into place and many who begin practicing Ayurveda in their everyday lives experience greater prosperity and sometimes even recovery from long-term illnesses. In my lecture I provide simple explanatory models that inspires you to start and continue practice Ayurveda directly.

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