Achieving the feeling of unity, focus, presence and balance.

Angelica offers immerse workshops in movement practice such as Yoga, Freemove, Embodiement, Organic Bodywork, Pilates, Meditation and Dance.

"Yoga means union and in all my workshops I do my outmost for you achieving the feeling of unity, focus, presence and balance. My teaching is based on clear pedagogy and playfulness and I make you dare to explore and be creative!"

Angelica offers different approaches to yoga; below are some suggestions to be based on.

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FREEMOVE YOGA "Your body knows exactly what it needs"

Angelica is the creator of this concept which combines conscious movement, dynamic meditation, somatic yoga and dance therapy. It's a playful, exploratory and present way to explore embodiement and it is based on the idea that your body knows exactly what it needs if you get the chance to listen, feel and explore in a safe and secure context.

We work with different themes during the workshop and you will be safely guided throughout all feeds accompanied by great vibrating music played by a live dj.

Freemove Yoga is a movement practice. Angelica herself likes to say it's yoga in a bigger perspective; yoga in the meaning of feeling oness and union within oneself.

"It's all about finding the freedom within"

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ORGANIC HATHA YOGA "Freeing for the mind"

This is Angelicas version of Ha (power/energy) Tha (stillness/ silence) and Yoga (union/ oness) where we play with the elements, where we connect with the nature and explore us human beeings as part of it all; where we connect with our authentic movement and get support from ancient wisdom and the structure of Yoga.

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HATHA ALIGNMENT "Extra spice of biomechanics and alignments"

In these workshops we assume from the classical Hatha yoga with extra spice of biomechanics and alignments in a modern way.

These workshops are fundamental and provides centering, stability and strength and learn us how we can fly from there.

YIN & YANG YOGA “Invite soft feminine and strong masculine energy"

Release, Relax, Restore. Yin is the soft feminine energy that prays to the calm and to “just be”. In Yin workshops we embrace ourselves using restorative asanas and often also chakra meditation for deeper relaxation.

In opposite Yang is the strong masculine energy that seeks the energy of life and our commitment. Activate, feel the heat and power, increase your focus and reach your goals! In Yang workshops we are challenged physically to make peace in both the body and the mind.

The mix of Yin & Yang yoga is profound!

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ORGANIC BODYWORK "Grace, power and rythm"

Organic Bodywork is a concept from Holistic Training, an exercise form inspired of yoga, pilates and functional training with both grace, power and rhythm. It provides body control, elasticity, flexibility, better balance and, above all, a sense of centering and elongation in the body.

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EMBODIED YOGA PRINCIPLES "Mindfulness-based method"

EYP is a new method of teaching yoga and is about moving our yoga practice from the mat into everyday life. The purpose is to raise awareness of our patterns and behaviors, to ourselves and to others, and then choose if we want to remain or to change.

EYP is a mindfulness-based method that uses classic yoga asanas in a modern and new way, inspired by life coaching, body therapy, motion and martial arts, and gives a whole new dimension to your yoga and personal development. Read more about Embodied Yoga Principles at

PILATES MATWORK "The art of Contrology"

Pilates training emphasizes the balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility and awareness to support efficient, graceful, sustainable movement.

We focus on the eight principles of Pilates; centering, control, alignment, concentration, precision, integration, breathing and flow.

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YOGA MOBILITY “aha moments"

This workshop gives you a chance to optimally increase flexibility and mobility. We take help of balls, blocks, strips, walls and each other!

It’s fun and playful and will definitely give you several “aha moments”.

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Angelica guides most of Osho’s dynamic meditations where we use different meditation techniques, such as shaking meditation, free movement, dance and other physically activating techniques as well as silent observation.

She also guides through mindfulness inspired Silent Sitting.

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PRANAYAMA “To breathe in life force”

We are born to the world with an inhale and leave with an exhale. In yoga philsophy there is a belief that we are born with a certain amount of breaths so it’s important to manage them in the best way.

Pranayama means “to breathe in life force” and is the learning about the breath. During this workshop I teach different breathing techniques that provide both energy, power, warmth, relaxation and calm. Everybody benefits from this workshop; Pranayama is the foundation of all well-being both physically and mentally!

ECSTATIC DANCE "We meet in free dance"

In Ecstatic Dance we meet in free dance to awesome music! We gather in the beginning and in the end of the workshop to create a holy sacred space. We create an environment where you can give life to your own expression, feel free and be in your own dance and movement!

The concept is in co-creation with a dj and enormously popular around the world. It gives us all the chance to dance playfully, freely, soberly and without talking.

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