Yoga & Bodywork

Yoga & Bodywork

Simply said, yoga is about balance.

Instead of talking about yoga "style" I prefer to talk about "effect". The effect is what we experience after a yoga class; maybe you feel it immediately after the savasana, maybe you feel it after a while. So the question to ask is
'What do you need and search for?'

With that question my answer will be that I work from a holistic perspective which means our yoga and other bodywork is for creating balance and freedom in our body and mind.
Sometimes that means to align. Sometimes to let go.

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Yoga With Me

The yoga form I teach is in many parts the traditional Hatha Yoga but over the years I've moved more and more into the somatic field of exploration and free movement. When I teach regular Yoga classes I often call it "Organic Hatha Yoga"; it is my version of Ha (power/energy) Tha (stillness/ silence) Yoga (union/ oness) where we play with the elements, where we connect with the nature and explore us human beeings as part of it all; where we connect with our authentic movement and get support from ancient wisdom and the structure of Yoga.

I have also manifested my insights in my concept called 'Freemove Yoga' which is a movement practice that combines different techniques of yoga- and dance therapy.

I am educated both in Sweden, England and in India and my main teachers are Surinder Singh in Rishikesh and Dr Kamaraj in Kerala. I am also one of two certified teachers in Sweden in 'Embodied Yoga Principles' which is a new method of teaching yoga based on ideas from material arts, embodiement, yoga and meditation, created by Mark Walsh who also was my teacher.

For me yoga is a lot about how we meet ourselves. Yoga can help us to respond as we want in our everyday life and we can enhance what we want with the help of body positions; perhaps we need to take more space in some situations, maybe we need support and stability, maybe we need to surrender and let go. Simply said, yoga is about balance; balance in body and in mind so we ourselves can be so balanced that we can be good people on this earth and do good.

Yoga is about how we can experience the feeling of overall harmony inwards even if the outer world is demanding and challenging. In our body, from origin, there are systems that link our mental, emotional and physical state. We can physically work with the body to release emotional states and vice versa, and yoga has a very profound knowledge of that particular connection. Yoga goes very closely with the thinking in Ayurveda which I also practice; they are delicately interconnected and gives us as individuals a holistic perspective on ourselves and each other.

Pilates “This is the ultimate training form”

When I first got in touch with the Pilates training I felt that “this is the ultimate training form”. By that time I had practiced and taught all kinds of group training forms and as a personal trainer also lots of heavier weight lifting at the gym. In Pilates training it was like all those different disciplines had merged into one ultimate concept also taking the benefits of rest and recocery into account. For me it became a great shift in my view on training and I went to Pilates teacher training here in Sweden in 2006 and have taught Pilates since then.

Personal Training & Sessions “To make your goal last”

As a lic.Personal Trainer and Individual Coach I help you with goals and planning both in terms of lifestyle, diet, exercise and yoga skills. I give you the tools you need and coach you all the way. We work together to make your goal last and to maintain your health and well-being for the rest of your life.

Meditation "Experience the presence in you"

I am initiated Osho sannyas from Pune International Meditation Center, India, and my passion in meditation techniques is primarily in different forms of dynamic meditation. I teach several of Osho’s meditations as well as giving sessions in Silent sitting, a mindfulness-based silent meditation where we experience the presence in us and around us just as it is.

Organic Bodywork "Grace, power and rythm"

This is a modern mix of movement inspired of yoga, pilates and functional training with both grace, power and rhythm. I had the opportunity to learn by Cecilia Gustafsson, the creator of the concept, in 2012 and it has inspired my teaching in all my classes.

Massage & Reiki Healing "Allow the body to soften"

To receive, to allow the body to soften and release tensions… I am educated both in classical Swedish massage and eastern therapeutic Yoga/ Thaimassage and I'm also initiated in Reiki Healing. I provide intuitive and deep massage treatments as well as massage workshops.

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Ayurveda “Knowledge of life"

My first meeting with Ayurveda radically changed my understanding of the connection between nature, surroundings, body, mind and spirit. Ayurveda means “knowledge of life” and looks at life from a holistic perspective. It’s an effective tool for balancing our weaknesses and developing our opportunities, our ability, health, vitality and well being.

I am a certified Ayurvedic health councelor educated at Skandinaviska Ayurveda Akademin in Stockholm and I give both lectures and one- to- one sessions.

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